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The Castle Keepers Difference

Getting into the house cleaning business isn't really that hard. For many, it takes no more than throwing a mop and a vacuum in the trunk of a car and driving around Charleston's nicer neighborhoods placing notes on mailboxes. Needless to say, buyer beware.

But excelling in and growing the cleaning industry takes a lot more than a bucket of products and a car. A real cleaning business is

mindful of the trust you place in the folks you invite into your homeWe honor that through a personal in-home consultation to establish clear expectations and follow-up continually with regular inspections and client reviews.

conscious of the effect of cleaning's effect on the environment. We offer the Lowcountry's only Chemical Free Cleaning process as well as traditional options with products that meet or exceed EPA guidelines and Green Seal Standards.

diligent in its hiring practices. We file for thorough background checks on every applicant and requiring pre-hiring training as well as an "apprentice" period for every employee. All cleaning specialists attend a daily in-service before they head over to clean your home or office.

licensed, bonded, and insured. Did you know that if an "independent" house cleaner is injured in your home, she/he can hold you financially liable for all medical and recovery expenses? You are also required to pay employment taxes for that service as well. As a licensed, bonded, and insured company, we take care of all of that for you, so you are truly worry-free!

Before choosing a company to clean your home, you should know the differences. Trust Castle Keepers, the best maid service in Charleston and the lowcountry, to clean your home the cleaner, safer, and greener way.